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Note Of The Day: Believe And Accomplish

You could squander years and years figuring out how to take three steps at one time. Or you could merely take one step, and then the subsequent steps, and then the after that another step.

Being clever to think things through is a extremely precious skill. But don’t let all that thinking put a stop to what you want to do.

On occasion it pays to think of a more efficient or useful or quicker ways to complete the mission. Other times you’re at an advantage when you just go forward and do it.

Analyzing what you must do can be useful. Yet scrutiny by itself won’t get the job finished.

After you think it all the way through, go ahead and get it completed. Put your clever thinking into achievement, and you’ll have substantial significance to show for it.

Put your brainpower to work and you’ll produce immense thoughts. Then put those dreams to work with your hard work, and bring them effectively to life.


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