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The Fruit of the Life: Patience

Individuals, family, friends, and associates who cause you problems also provide you something of genuine and lifelong positive significance. Strive to be more patient. Patience places your life in a place that makes it less stressful and your days more serene.

Patience requires little effort, and it can fetch great benefits, not only for one self, but also for all those in your vicinity. The energy of patience is yours the instant you choose it.

Ask yourself this question: Do you truly need to dispute or worry nonstop about something that doesn’t even make a difference? There’s seldom any beneficial value to be achieved by proving that you’re correct and someone else is incorrect.

As a replacement of becoming more distrustful, become more patient and empathetic. Spend the moment in sincere enjoyment instead of nerve-racking conflict.

As an alternative of letting the pintsized things get to you, just let them amusingly make you smile. Then rapidly and fully let them go.

Pay attention to your heart instead of being controlled by your sense of self. Have a bit of patience, and appreciate a lot of valued happy moments.