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“Bring Your Love Toward Goodness”

Written by Michael Fieger  Of GPS Public Relations

Violently hurting someone else will under no circumstances remove your personal pain. Feeling unapologetic for yourself and harming your own life won’t make everything well.

If you’re frustrated in your life, or angry with others, the solution is not to discover someone to blame. Pointing the finger at yourself or others or both, proves to have no importance in your life.

The approach past the pain is not with mockery, bullying, retaliation or viciousness. The only tangible way away from the agony is with a caring heart for yourself and others.

Move forward in forgiving yourself and others, let go of the past, and take a loving approach forward to resolving your past pain. Forgiveness is never stress-free, yet it is easily the most influential and positive lasting choice.

If you’re feeling neglected don’t make the choices that will make even extra agony. Make the choice that will empower you and your environment to move onward toward a more achieving life.

There is constantly something worthy you can do. Fill your soul and heart with open love, and act in everyone’s best interest.

No Violence against Women and Children