Desire To Keep Visitors Engaged With Your Company?

Master how to create an energetic engagement plan of action that produces repeat orders, long-term trustworthiness and brand-new referrals with these three important points.

  1. Convey the Right Content
    Make it apparent that your business recognizes what is important to most of your audience.
  2. Demonstrate your Worth
    Go beyond orders by providing practical important information and generating special contacts.
  3. Analyze, Maximize, and Concentrate on your goals
    Use statistics to improve and boost your engagement plan of action.

Keep in mind that when it comes to progress , there’s no quitting point. Constantly be maximizing,
enhancing and challenging your company’s overall performance in the direction of growing.

Source: Growth Hacking is for Smart Marketers – Not Just  startups


Is Your Business Veteran Owned?

Is your small business or company owned by a veteran (VOB), active duty military, reservist, service disabled veteran?

GPS Public Relations Veteran Owned Business’ Mission Statement 

Our mission is very simple (yet collectively holds a fundamental goal):

To help empower military veterans who own businesses to grow, hire fellow veterans and give back to military veteran organizations that directly impact the servicemen and women (and their respective families) who proudly served our great nation.

Military service has provided my company with organizational skills, a can-do attitude, and tremendous product.

We specialize in web design, SEO, and graphic design services.

We design websites, digital marketing plans and graphic art that not only look great, but more importantly CONVERT. Converting website visitors, and graphic and digital marketing recipients to customers.

Then, we help you maintain that relationship with email marketing, and branding campaigns.

Let’s support and put “Veterans First”


Succeeding in Local business, Do You Need Good Online Contacts?

Does who you know in your local business circle of trust determine how well or how poorly your company will do? A lot of factors lead to the online world of a local business, including associates. So how much influence do those you interact with have on the outcome of your local business?

Relations with people in the same line of local business are inevitable and very necessary. However, it could weigh heavily on the worthiness of your online contacts and not necessarily the number of online contacts. This is mainly because credible and relevant local business associates will help you generate more clients who will increase the number of sales. In addition, they provide room for new ideas and possible expansion in your local business venture.

Running a local business is often times consuming. We look to work within a trade that will appeal to a broad client base, yet this is sometimes impracticable. The saying “less is more” should ring true for many local business owners in giving the local business time to grow. If you can identify your product and know it in depth, you will be able to distinguish your target customers, thus have a trade that is productive. Failure to do this means that you will be spending unnecessary resources trying to reach out to consumers who may not be interested in your products. This results in wasted time and money.

If you are starting out a new local business, make sure that all your research is fully carried out. Determine who buys your product or services and also what is the customer demand for this type of service. How effective and productive is the market you are looking into? Once you know this, you will also be able to establish which other local business would not only benefit yourself, but also benefit themselves from your expertise.

There are three aspects of local business Online contacts that you want to get to know. These include;

Digital Focal point – The Digital Focal point acts as the connection for all companies related in the same venture. The Digital Focal point is a significant part of the whole and it actually holds the other enterprises together. It brings a sense of balance, coordinates all the local businesses and ensures that communication channels are open and helpful. The Digital Focal point will connect one local business to another and oversee the exchange of ideas. Because a lot of local businesses regard the Digital Focal point as central, the number of Online contacts involved is numerous. In addition, they are all linked one to another due to their area of expertise.

Contact sphere – The contact sphere is essential to say the least. This is inclusive of other local businesses that have similar interests to your own. The local business people in this circle of trust are beneficial to your local business output, because their input is reliable as is any referral they may introduce.  In addition, they assist you to excel and meet your local business goals.

Center of influence – The center of influence will be a local business that is well established and is highly dependable. To have such a contact in your local business circle of trust is advantageous in more than one way. You will also get to associate with clients greatly interested in your products or services. Needless to say, such a referral will propel your local business and help you realize your objectives.

As said above, a lot of factors lead to the online success of a local business, and key to this is having the right online contacts.
Succeeding in Local business, Do You Need Good Online Contacts?

Great Web Design West Palm Beach

In this heavily technological world today, almost everything is on the internet. Generally, there is almost nothing one cannot purchase, promote Great Web Design West Palm Beach, exchange, search for, discover images of, or engage in if you possess a computing device and internet access. This day and age, there is an internet site out there for almost everything you can name.

Which suggests that somebody likely has a webpage a whole lot like your site? Given that battle for page views become demandingly more competitive. We also see that Web design becomes considerably more complex, and cyberspace more prevalent. Great web design becomes more important than ever before. If you have a web site, then you want visitors to view that site. Great web design is the ideal way to make that web authority take place.

The typical Internet web surfer is more experienced, and these days much harder to win over. Great Web Design West Palm Beach is the exclusive strategy to get returning site visitors. There are multiple practical key factors to great web design that each and every web designer must know how to create.

Online major search engines have developed very intelligent ways to locate content on internet websites in the world today. Great Web Design West Palm Beach is focused on your web site’s written content. What keywords will visitors search to locate your internet site? As soon as you identify what the best keywords are, you need to have a great deal of content on websites that highlights those keywords. There are countless no-cost websites that permit you to test your keyword content. Use them. Content material is what search engines evaluate for starters, therefore it’s here that you must make your impact.

You will want back links that associate to other internet pages of your website & blog site. Along with internal back links, in addition to external back links that connect to web pages externally to your internet domain. The greater number of back relative links you acquire, the greater your authority with search engines, so use them liberally throughout your site. Connections also enhance the tracking of your website, which happens to be tremendously crucial to great web design. Gain knowledge about back links and why your visitors love back links.

Using graphic art and create brilliant color styles, images, and readable fonts will bring success to, or ruin your web site. You want to make an impact with the layouts on your site. Think about custom web design which is about an eye-catching flow of tones, visuals, graphics, and content. Don’t over clutter your web pages, but make them interesting and trusting to look at.

Effective web design is mostly about mastering how to balance key features that appeal to search engines, like google, and your target audience. Your content should flow to each other, your navigation should be convenient, and your site brimming with content. To increase traffic to your website would be through effective web design that is revised regularly. This will produce repeat, and new clients to your internet site. The more traffic you have, the more effective, a great web design will result in increased returned on digital investment.

Great Website Design

7 strategies to boost your internet traffic by 300%

7 strategies to boost your internet traffic by 300%To fully incorporate the Internet, business, and revenue into a worthwhile model, your website must  receive steady traffic.

We all understand that at the fundamentals of all traffic is the very crucial thing to an internet centered company’s profits. Apart from guaranteeing that you have a fantastic product to market, and you have your businesses built in planning, like merchandise delivery, properly taken care of, it would be an opportunity to get to the core of things, developing website traffic.

In the instance that you already have a website and you believe that you’re not acquiring the targeted traffic that are expecting or necessitate, then it’s time to reevaluate where you’ve been targeting your solutions. To be victorious in this highly aggressive business, you usually have to be a move ahead of your competitor and boosting your stream of prospective customers should probably have established yesterday.

It’s an old saying, but it still remains real:  Timing is definitely everything. With growing internet traffic, you should constantly be on your toes and be a day before of everyone else. You should never think of the next day as a beginning stage, think of right now as the time.  Essentially, it should always have been yesterday.

To give you the help you need in producing more internet traffic for your website, here are 7 reliable methods to begin boosting it immediately.

1) Enhance your web presence around specific keywords or keyword search terms.

For the majority of websites, the fastest volume of website traffic will come from online search engines.  The higher up your website shows up in listings results. Most likely, you will see increased site visitors.  Picking and using the correct keyword for your website is a crucial ingredient to search engine optimization.

2) Make an investment in effective ads with the major search engines.

Google’s AdWords and Yahoo’s search engine marketing programs provide very good advertising solutions that can produce exceptionally targeted website traffic. Despite the fact this is an awesome way to jump-start your site visitors it does have a price. While many website owners steer clear from spending cash to boost traffic, it’s really important that you at least start thinking about it.  Think about specialized help.  Carried out effectively, seo can be very affordable.  If completed the wrong way, it can simply be very expensive.

3) Generate one-way and mutual links to your online business.

Links to your website have a dual importance.  Initially, they create ways for customers to locate your website as they browse relevant websites.  Secondly, they make it easier to increase the importance of your webpage listings in online search engine like Google and Yahoo!.  Give consideration to looking for link exchanges with other websites that have common (but not competing) content.  Furthermore, look for options to build one-way links like making remarks on other websites and blogs.

4) Make Use of Viral Internet Marketing.

Viral marketing and advertising enable you to spread the word about your organization and product or service for minimal or fairly reduced costs. Here’s a marketing strategy that can be extremely powerful; you can connect your business name, product or link to the media, for instance a humorous video, an entertaining online game, an appealing article or something which will generate a viral buzz.  The objective is to get consumers engaged enough to share the content, and your link, to other people.  If accomplished properly, you can create a digital army of people inclined to market your business.

5) Sign Up for forums and social network sites and develop into an energetic player.

Choose forums that are suitable to your products, services or abilities.   Evaluate existing comments and provide informative reviews, comments or support.  Once more, this strengthens your professional reputation and offers another great possibility to integrate a link to your online business in your very own signature.

6) Write and publish relevant articles.

Publish unique articles that are highly relevant to your website’s content to top ranked article submission sites like E-zine Articles or Article Directories.  Case in point, if you offer for sale widgets write articles regarding how to select the right widgets for your business.  Take advantage of the resource box to include things like a detailed description of your internet site or services and most notably, comprise a link to your website.  Articles not only provide links back to your website (see strategy 2) but also help establish you as an expert in your field.

7) Finally, create e-newsletters or

E-newsletters can be an indispensable way to get leads from prospective clientele and provide a strategy to turn those leads into frequent subscribers.  By providing e-newsletters that feature useful, distinctive content you can captivate visitors who are potentially interested in what you’re showcasing.  If they identify the content being beneficial they are more inclined to turn to your website whenever they are looking for a product or service.

There are numerous other ways to generate website traffic, however, these are reliable ways which you can use to get going today.  You only have visitors to lose by not getting underway immediately.

The Ultimate Strategy For Simple Ways To Get Web Real Traffic To Your Business

Online Traffic —  It is the vision of every business person. After all, without the continual flow of enterprises — or “prospective businesses” to your SEO traffic web site, how will you produce income for your online business?

The primary place most online-business start-ups go when they need a fast search engine traffic is the search engine optimization. And justly so! In spite of everything, basic SEO top ranking position in one of the major ways businesses use search engines in some effective ways to increase the traffic to your business web site without shelling out your advertising budget dollars!

The data has frequently revealed that somewhere from 30% to 85% of your public will find your SEO traffic website via your SEO content techniques. Still, you should also recognize that indicators show that most search engine traffic never searches further than the top 20 results they view. With that SEO tip, it is clear that a topmost position should be the objective of any experienced business website owner.

But topmost search engine traffic is no longer attainable by some magical software recklessly publishing your web site to 1000+ search engines and directories utilizing a basic SEO complimentary submission give away. The Competitive battle for top search engine traffic is getting brutal, so it is imperative that you study the best SEO techniques if you want to guarantee that your web site is well rated or higher an expert to assist you … and it is very essential that you begin while this abundant search engine optimization publicity vehicle is still without charge!

As previously mentioned; for high search engine traffic generation to your website, it is very imperative that your SEO techniques, positions your website in the top places of the major search engines. You should ask yourself, “What are the basic SEO techniques search engines are looking for when placing your website on search engines?” Each search engine uses a diverse set of algorithms to rank web sites, here are some of the key influences presently being measured by the search engines.

  • On Page Optimization

Factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.


  • Off Page Optimization

These factors are off-site in that they are not controlled by you or the coding on your page. Examples of off-page optimization include things such as link popularity.


  • Fresh Content

In SEO (search engine optimization) terminology, it is content that is new or dynamic in nature and gives people a reason to visit your Web site. Many SEO experts believe that using fresh content on your Web site will help your page obtain better placement on the search engine results page (SERP).

Source: media

  • Social Media

A term used to describe a variety of Web-based platforms, applications and technologies that enable people to socially interact with one another online. Engagement!

So, these are the SEO tips, secrets, techniques which you can create ranking authority for search engines relevant and strong traffic to your web site. If some expert is pushing keywords and telling you he can enter top keywords for you and instantly start making money through your web site, turn away and find another expert.

Four Business Questions to Ask About Twitter ROI


Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Who are your twitter followers?
  2. Who is visiting your twitter page and how are they travelling there?
  3. How many of these visitors are buying services or products?
  4. How do you know?

If you don’t use twitter site analytics to track the performance of engagement to and on your twitter site, then you won’t know the solution to any of these questions!

If you don’t know the solutions to these questions, then you won’t know if you basics to change your twitter posting and marketing resources, improvement of your products or services, or reorganize the content and pages on your social site. In order to know what is working and what isn’t, you have to evaluate your twitter traffic.

How do you evaluate twitter traffic? The top way is through twitter tracking program. Tracking program will let you know some strategic information about your traffic. One of category is bounce rate, namely, when a follower goes to one page on your social site and doesn’t sight-see more before leaving.

If most of your guests bounce right off your social site, it doesn’t make a difference if you get 11,000 guests a month. What should you require is niche traffic, companies who land on your social site and stay there, researching if your offer is a good fit?

You might discover that your bounce rate on a specific page of your site is exceptionally high, while other pages display a lower rank. At this moment, not only do you know that this is realizing, but you know precisely where it’s occurring and you can repair that page so that it invites people to visit.

The next feature that your twitter analytic software can ensure for you is going-over out where your viewers are originating from. How many typed in your web address directly? How many people visited your twitter link on your social site?

What was the number that linked to you through a different site? You may be paying for twitter marketing on your twitter social media site that is not creating any return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Now you have the basic information and you can cancel that media payment and save your company some capital. You might see that you are receiving a large quantity of traffic from alternative site. Possibly you will select to aim for related sites for backlinks in anticipation of getting the same success.

 In addition to going to twitter you want digital traffic to your website.

  • Where do your readers go once they get to your website site?
  • Are they landing on the category pages you need them to?
  • Are they completing your call to action forms or buying your product catalog?
  • How many are repetitive visitors and how many depart after one visit?

It is with this material that you will be able to use analytics tools to further determine what it is that your social media and website needs in order to move visitors into buyers. This is known as a conversion rate, the calculation of visitors to your different social and website who make a purchase or subscribe, and it is essential in developing a successful twitter and website for your enterprise.

In truth, it is the all-inclusive point of digital analytics and the goal for intelligently and precisely tracking your visitor’s actions: to increase your conversion rate as much as is achievable.

Cultivating your conversion rate initiates with tracking and web analytics. Without the correct statistics, you cannot analyze the behavior of your visitors. When you analyze the behavior of your visitors and evaluate the findings to what you would like to see take place on your website, web page by web page, then you can make modifications to achieve those objectives.

Once you make modifications, check your statistics and use twitter analytics again to determine what requirements must change next. Thus, you can stop fritter away your time and money on digital media and SEO practices that aren’t gaining or sustaining traffic and continuing with what works, attracting targeted traffic and building customers into return customers.

Four Business Questions to Ask About Twitter ROI

How to Develop Your Resilience

In life you get knocked down many times, it is how fast you can get to your feet again. Every person who is trying something meaningful, will experience difficulties. The earlier you move away from the pain, the less loss you will experience.

The greatest frustration is when you have no power to make decisions. Leap forward to discover something in your life that will give you power and the decision making ability. Find your positive passion that you can confidently own. Address the fundamental issues and learn survival skills that set you on the pathway toward healthy feelings. Change your focus where you can make a real transformation. Keep up with your ambition by continuing to be true to your goals. Take enjoyment in your endeavors, and recognize that you have what it takes to conquer any difficulty.

In life you get knocked down many times, it is how fast you can get to your feet again. Every person who is trying something meaningful, will experience difficulties. The earlier you move away from the pain, the less loss you will experience.

The greatest frustration is when you have no power to make decisions. Leap forward to discover something in your life that will give you power and the decision making ability. Find your positive passion that you can confidently own. Address the fundamental issues and learn survival skills that set you on the pathway toward healthy feelings. Change your focus where you can make a real transformation. Keep up with your ambition by continuing to be true to your goals. Take enjoyment in your endeavors, and recognize that you have what it takes to conquer any difficulty.

When circumstances push you to be discouraged find your power, make the move to guarantee that you don’t get in that situation again. Understand that you can take action and control of your own destiny, even if you don’t own the situation.

If something is in your way toward your path, go through it or over it, instead of creating the wall of resistance. Jump up, look directly at what needs be completed, and just do it. The challenge is attained by the participant who can be resilient and keep on coming back regardless of the obstacle.

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Hiring Digital Marketing Intern (West Palm Beach)

TITLE: Digital Marketing Coordinator
LOCATION: West Palm Beach, FL
STATUS: 10 — 20+ Hours / Week
EDUCATION: Must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s Program at an accredited college or university
Contact US
The GPS Public Relations internship program is ideal for someone who is interested in furthering his or her education and experience in the world of digital marketing.
This internship will provide exposure to various aspects of digital media that may include, but are not limited to: social media, search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization and web analytics.
Learning objectives are achieved through training, observation, + “learning-by-doing” under close supervision with constructive feedback. All duties + responsibilities listed below are facilitated under close observation through a mentor-trainee relationship.
• Work with team members to develop + understand digital marketing strategies that will meet client objectives
• Develop + write marketing content executions to be deployed across partner social media channels
• Learn SEO best practices and write meta content to support client SEO initiatives
• Analyze reports to create insights that will help drive digital marketing content strategies
• Create and implement tracking code designed to measure social content executions
• Work with SEO tools and platforms to create keyword maps for client websites
• Must be extremely detail oriented with strong attention to follow-through
• Strong writing skills
• Communicate effectively in both written + verbal form
• Flexible in work functions + duties
• Ability to manage multiple tasks + meet deadlines
• Proficient in managing large amounts of data + ability to interpret + extract meaningful insight from data
• Exceptional time management skills
• Strong teamwork skills
• PC proficiency + strong skills in MS Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PPT, Excel) essential
• Must be able to focus for long periods of time at a computer screen given the nature of the digital business

The above job description is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities of the position and in no way is to be construed as a contract. As with all positions, employment is “at will” or voluntary on both the part of the organization and the team member. Employment is not for a set period of time and may be discontinued by either party for any reason with or without notice.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers