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4 Simple Tactics For Language Translation And Business Growth


Today’s global business world, the use of different languages is more important than ever. Each day, thousands of users access the Internet in search of services and many of them will most likely speak a different language other than English.

This is when providing content in a different language might be an option to help your business growth. So how would using different languages increase business in the long run? Here are some ideas:

1. Provides Long Term Benefits

Adding language variation can be a great investment to your business since it would give you the opportunity to get ahead of the competition both nationally and internationally.  It would not only get you ahead of the game, but also help your brand stand out as global business friendly.

2. Avoids Misunderstandings with Foreign Consumers

Once you have written content in foreign languages as well as getting experience working with overseas clients, you will be able to reduce misunderstandings. Many companies have lost their clients due to language barriers, which have led to misunderstandings. Adding a new language would be a great asset to the business, adding more than one language would even further your changes of landing a good client. This would make a significant difference in business expansion if you were thinking of expanding your business to Europe, Latin America and Asia.

3. Builds Trust

By introducing foreign languages to your business, clients will be more comfortable working with you if you speak their language. The customer will choose your business instead of another if you are able to make them feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, as a customer it is easier to go with what is most familiar to you.

4.  Low Risk Factor

While it might take some time and effort to have your work translated, it is a crucial step if you are thinking of reaching clients outside of the American Market. Taking this step would benefit you depending on what services you are offering and what kind of client you are trying to reach. In most instances, you may want to have only part of your work translated, this could include your website, your work samples or even your promotional offers. However, if you are looking for a greater effect, translating your website into two to three languages is a great advantage.

Whether adding more than one language to your company’s website or even hiring multilingual personnel, language variation is a tool that looks as promising as ever as a business strategy. The new era of business is now mostly conducted with the help of advances in technology, including email and the World Wide Web. In this manner, language variation then acts as a strategy to propel business growth and client outreach, while promoting itself as a brand of all peoples.

Written By: Daniela Balseca – Content Staff Writer

Daniela-Balseca-Content Staff Writer

Daniela Balseca is a Content Staff Writer at GPS Public Relations where she writes, edits and produces written and digital content in English and Spanish. Her skills are in multimedia journalism, social media writing, blogging, audio production, article writing.

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales by * at least 33%*

If you would like to increase your business, an e-commerce store may be a very good investment. Furthermore, just developing a website alone would not attract the consumers you desire.

For your website to be effective, it has to be designed effectively. One of the important factors associated with e-commerce design is Search Engine Optimization. Potential prospects must be able to locate your website online in order for it to be discovered. Most users today use search engines while looking for information.

For any given search phrase, you could get numerous amounts of various results.However, a lot of people do not search beyond the first three pages of search engine results.

Potential customers and sales are then lost by the inability to locate your website through search engines. Owning a higher ranked position among the search engines must be a top priority for e-commerce design.

  1. Present your product honestly

A crucial point associated with e-commerce design is to actually present your product or service. For instance, if you are selling the common weight loss product known as White Bean Extract, you want to be clear when marketing it online.

Make sure you include weight loss product in your outline. You don’t want to express it as a normal way to build up your health. Customers looking over this description may feel deceived and even upset when they click on your website and find out that you are selling a weight loss product.

The very best advice is to remain honest and upfront with what you are marketing. By earning customers’ trust first, they’re more likely to buy your products.

  1. Include high quality content

While e-commerce design will likely require the usage of particular keywords to market your products, this technique alone will never attract visitors to your website. Nowadays the search engine spiders are detecting exact content from keyword filled pages or articles.

To maintain and achieve a good position among all the major search engines, your website has to include high quality content that is well presented. Most people that are using the Internet are searching for information. If your website cannot give solutions to the questions they’re seeking, they may look elsewhere.

  1. Include an FAQ page and your company information

Make sure you give sufficient information about the product or service you’re selling. Think about exactly what questions potential prospects may have about your product or service. It is better to include a FAQ section within your e-commerce website.

On this page you could list answers to most of the questions asked about your product. Make sure you include a way for customers to make contact with you if they have more questions. It is better to have more than one way of contact.

The more info you provide concerning your company such as email, physical address, or phone number, the more customers are to feel comfortable in placing a purchase with you.

  1. Include easy access to purchase your product

Another good e-commerce design strategy is to positively market your product. If you have a product to sell, be forward and upfront about it. Let customers realize the attributes of your product and why it is better than other similar products on the market.

Your website must include a quick-to-locate “purchase now” or “order now button.” If customers cannot quickly find how to purchase your product, they’re not likely to waste a lot of time looking for this information. If they get frustrated and search elsewhere, you have simply lost a potential customer.

  1. Include multiple pages of quality content

If you are familiar with e-commerce design, then you have possibly heard the common phrase, “content is king.” It simply means that in order to draw in customers to your site and position high with the top search engines, you should have well-written content, with the understanding that having good content is only just the first step.

The range of pages your e-commerce website contains can also greatly affect the number of traffic to your website. Generally the more pages a website has, the more likely it is to get a high number of daily traffic.

  1. Make sure your content is unique and original

An important hint to take note of is that when writing content for your website, make sure the info is unique and useful. There are many websites that let you download article content at no cost but this content most likely has been used in many other websites.

If your content is related to that on another website, the search engines are not going to rate your website too favorably. You must either take the time to create unique content of yours or hire a temporary writer to do the job for you.

If you choose to hire someone to write your content, ensure you have full rights to all the content you purchase.

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce

5 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Amazon’s Traffic by 206%

  1. Startup an account with Amazon.

This is the simplest part of the whole task. Just visit amazon and Startup an account for yourself.

This would only take a couple of minutes and is very straight forward.

  1. Click on your “Your Name” Store tab.

After you have set up your account, you must have been given a password to sign into your account.

If you are not logged in already, log in.

Now, within the subscriber’s area there must be a row of tabs at the very top of the member’s area, click on the one which says “Your Name” Store

This would take you to a complete different area with various sub-menus.

Click on the tab in the sub-menu that shows “About You Area”.

  1. Creating your About You Area.

This is where you need to pay special attention because this is exactly what people might find once they click on your ‘About You’ tab.

Supposing you’re at the ‘About You Area’ there are areas designed to put your Name, Picture, and Nickname, Real Name, email Address and About Me. Fill in all the spots except your ‘About Me’.

The ‘About Me’ this spot is really what we need to discuss in the next step, simply fill in all the other areas and if you wish to put up an image of yourself, you are able to; it is of your choice.

  1. Setting up the ‘About Me’ section.

This is possibly the single most crucial section of this whole practice because this is where your customer will learn about who you are and exactly what you and your business are all about, so do take this very seriously, now there are about 4,000 fonts of space to write a description on who you are and precisely what your business is all about, so it’s your choice on how long you wish your description to be.

Before writing your outline here is what you need to do within the first 70 to 80 characters of your ‘About Me’ description.

Include your ‘Domain Name’ in quotes into the First 70 to 80 characters of your outline once they click on ‘About Me’ and read your profile page they will as well see your Domain Name, if they need to find out more, they may either copy and paste or type your domain name into their browser which could take them to your site where they could subscribe to the newsletter which will then get them to register to the newsletter.

This is where the ‘List Building’ will start to take place from the visitors sent through Amazon.

Now, it has also been established that Amazon is a very high Traffic website since the ‘About Me Area’ as being setup the way it is often outlined above. The next approach is how to lead Amazon’s visitors to your website.

  1. Directing Amazon’s traffic to your website

This is when the fun starts. Once you see how it’s done you will possibly kick yourself in the butt similar to shown How-To do this.

So, Amazon is ideal known for Books, so click the ‘Books’ tab within Amazon’s member’s spot. This will bring you to a different page.

In the top left corner there exists a search box. A number of listings on books relevant to internet marketing

Scroll down and choose the “33 Days to Online Profits” link. It will bring the Product Description page.

In this Product Description page there locate the Product Details, Section Reviews and most significant of all, All Consumer Reviews.

That’s right, all you have to do is ‘Write Reviews’ on books within your specific Niche so when potential prospects are reviewing the book you have written review on, they will as well scroll down and happen to check out on your review and click on Your Name to see what you are about.

They will see your profile with your own name, email Address, Nick Name and your ‘About Me’ description with your Website Name screaming out at them which could easily be typed into their browser.

Hope you find the benefits of writing reviews and also how it will get you look in the eyes of your possible customer.

“This is a good technique to use if you are looking to set up yourself as a specialist within your Niche and also develop a highly focused ‘Opt-In’ list which you can market for many years to come.” Michael Fieger – GPS Public Relations.



3 Tips to Creating a Successful Craigslist Advertisement for Your Local Business

Advertising on Craigslist is useful for almost any business providing products or services. Either these products are marketed via eCommerce websites or real stores, the entrepreneurs can see financial profits through marketing on Craigslist. Compared to other advertising possibilities there is risk involved in publishing on Craigslist. Other than job postings and real estate postings in particular markets, advertising is cost free on Craigslist. People are asked to agree to the terms of use of the community and are required to follow certain rules when posting adverts but there are no obligations to those posting adverts on Craigslist. This implies those that post advertisements do not need to worry with whether or not the advert they place will meet their demands concerning sales generated.

Most people refer to Craigslist as a categorized advertisement online. The great thing about owning a Craigslist website, is the fact those people who want a particular product or service can easily post on the site. In exchange, those who offer these kinds of products or services will be the one that will contact the customer. It is very easy to use the website because it has a highly technical-graphic system. One could use the website to look for a specific service or product in a particular location. One can easily select a place where they really want the product or services.

  1. Reaching Potential customer on Craigslist

Another reason why placing adverts for products or services on Craigslist is really worthwhile is the chance of reaching a large target audience of potential prospects. An analysis of the Craigslist fact sheet shows relevant information about the amount of visitors the website receives. Based on this info Craigslist receives approximately 4 billion page views every month with 10 million people making use of Craigslist every month. From this research it is very clear that adverts placed on Craigslist could receive at least several attentions from prospective clients.

With so many traffic using Craigslist every month the advertising possibilities are endless, however, there are no warranties, some of these visitors would be interested in your services or products. Like any marketing strategy, your adverts on Craigslist should be interesting, informative and in a place that you will reach your prospective buyers.

  1. Finding Your Target Audience on Craigslist

We’ve actually mentioned the number of visitors utilizing Craigslist every month, but the key to benefiting from such numbers is to focus on your advertisements in a way aimed at reaching your prospective buyers instead of a wide audience of people who have no specific interest in your services or products. It is more useful to reach a small audience with a passionate interest in your services or products than reaching a larger audience of people that are not interested. Anyone who has an interest in what you offer is your prospective buyers.

The key to reaching your prospective buyers on Craigslist is posting your advertisement in the most relevant locations. Craigslist has a certain section for businesses to publicize their services. This segment is broken down into several categories. People who are in the business of computer restore would be wise to place their advertisement in the computer section instead of the automotive section for one thing people looking for computer help will definitely migrate to the computer section. It might sometimes be perfect to place an advert in several sections. It is acceptable as far as it doesn’t cross the line to spamming the section.

When there is not a particular section for the items offered by your business there are a few options. Entrepreneurs can post an advertisement in the section for small business advertisements where it may be found by people doing a search within this section. Alternately the business proprietor can contact Craigslist to recommend the addition of another category. They may be willing to assist if they assume this category requires an addition.

  1. The Variance between Advertising and Spamming

Advertising on Craigslist is just one thing, but spamming is quite another. Posting an advertisement in an ideal section of Craigslist is accepted; however, posting the same advert in almost every section of Craigslist sites for a variety of geographical regions is regarded as spam. Spam is inadequate for several reasons. First of all, potential prospects that see a certain advertisement in many different locations will probably recognize the spamming strategies and be less prone to patronize this business. Besides, if Craigslist finds the practice of spamming they might delete all the postings and could disallow advertisements from the person in the future.


Winning Methods to Successful Marketing with Video on the Web

Online video publishing has actually taken the Internet by surprise in recent years, making use of online video media for promotion, marketing, news and PR online a real key strategic component and a key business differentiator for online marketers who wish to communicate successfully regarding their item profile and advantages within the shortest possible time.

Internet is full of facts and the average attention time of an internet user today is assessed in seconds. When internet users search for their info at the search engines , they would get lots of search results ; anytime they visit your blog , they may only use a few seconds and little efforts to check through what you are selling or even proposing and decide if your articles looks and approach are suitable for what they were really looking for . These first few seconds are very important and if you can deliver clear and specific message by providing a highly fast visible way to secure their further attention and catch their interest, you have done online bingo.

Does this indicate that you just have to simply put up 10 minute video tutorial on your blog or just slamming specific video contents up on your web pages, you’ll quickly sell much more products, If this is your way of promoting with video on the internet and aiming to get high conversion rate of visitors to sales, you’ll more toward getting downfalls than great news.

In order to create your online video to successfully market your products or services online and show your product or service key qualities and features within a period of time in a special , remarkable way . There are a few tips of thumb to follow:

  1. 1. Get Your Video Seen

If you want your online video to be your successful marketing device, it must be able to see a lot of web users as it can .Thus, do not just hold your video inside your website edges. Let your video content be free and spread to the majors video revealing websites like Google and YouTube video so that not only others can watch and discuss about it , but they can conveniently download it, if not even publish it right on their own sites .

  1. Small File Load Fast

Research reveal that average web owners spend their time waiting for a web page to load is about 7 sec. Web pages that take more time than 7 sec to load; their visitors usually are on the edge of clicking away and visit other site. Therefore, you need to ensure your video data file is small enough, if possible less than 1 megabytes and load almost quickly to keep the attention your visitors. AVI is the most typical video file format, the file size can simply exist 10 megabytes for a short 2 to 3 minutes video. Therefore, if you share your video in this file format, you surely will get “click away” from you visitors because of prolonged loading time of your video file. Therefore, you need to get a video format conversion process device to modify your video to a more internet friendly format like SWF format.

  1. Let them know it is a Video, a Short Video

If the internet users do not know that it is actually a video, they would not click on it and play it; hence your video could get watch. Therefore, you must let the internet users know that the “box” is a video. The simplest way is to make it look like a video or VCR is by having a play and stop control button where the internet users can click on to play the video and stop it when they want.

Let the internet users also know this is a short video. Nobody wants to sit through a 30 minute presentation on the track record of your business, focused on your products and deliver your information preferable within 2 minutes.

In Summary

Effectively market with video on the internet is not just slamming some video content up on your web pages, it more toward effective video conversation through video posting and sharing on the internet.