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Find Out The Best Digital Marketing Trends For Increased Customers In 2016

Find out the best digital marketing trends for increased customers in 2016

Online Marketing trends To Adopt in 2016

In today’s digital world of business, every online marketing resource is key to customer recognition. This means that every message a company sends must be communicated through various channels in order to reach the same amount of potential clients as they did a decade ago.

An example of this would be the emergence of email marketing, social media marketing, videos and blogs versus TV and radio. If you are looking for a place to start to adopt the newest trends for your business, follow these simple steps:

  1. Stay on the Lookout For New Technology

With changing patterns in our everyday life and the popularity of smartphones and tablets, marketing campaigns have gone mobile. TV and Radio although still popular in the advertising world have become a second option for the everyday business.

Online content is faster, easier to send and more cost-effective, allowing for businesses to expand their marketing strategy. This does not mean however, that TV and radio advertising does not work, but including online content is a necessary step to keep up with the competition.

  1. Hire A Professional 

In order to deliver the best results, a company should invest in hiring an expert to maintain efficiency while adopting the latest practices. Attempting to complete these marketing campaigns by yourself is too time consuming and will just not cut it if you want to get ahead of the competition. A professional does not only speed up the process of each campaign, but provides a business with the latest insights into the use of this technology.

  1. Provide Content With a Marketing Focus 

Yes, you may make good use of your social media accounts with every day posts in order to attract attention, but always make the best out of every post. Pay attention to what others are saying about their business and how they are saying it.

Avoid using content that comes off as a sales pitch and learn from others while on your search for new content strategies. It would also save you time and money to share a piece of information that is already out on the web as long as the content is revised and rewritten to your company’s standard.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Progress

And always remember to keep track of your analytics on each of your social media accounts as well as your website, then you’ll know what works, what doesn’t and what to add next time.

Make your posts easy to read and understand by your audience and invest into appealing to your target audience as much as you can.

Once you have applied these four key factors into your business strategy, think about alternative ways of putting content out on the web. Staying on top of new technology in today’s business is tough, but it is a defining factor that could make or break the marketing strategy for your business.


Written By: Daniela Balseca – Content Staff Writer

Daniela-Balseca-Content Staff Writer

Daniela Balseca is a Content Staff Writer at GPS Public Relations where she writes, edits and produces written and digital content in English and Spanish. Her skills are in multimedia journalism, social media writing, blogging, audio production, article writing.

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Succeeding in Local business, Do You Need Good Online Contacts?

Does who you know in your local business circle of trust determine how well or how poorly your company will do? A lot of factors lead to the online world of a local business, including associates. So how much influence do those you interact with have on the outcome of your local business?

Relations with people in the same line of local business are inevitable and very necessary. However, it could weigh heavily on the worthiness of your online contacts and not necessarily the number of online contacts. This is mainly because credible and relevant local business associates will help you generate more clients who will increase the number of sales. In addition, they provide room for new ideas and possible expansion in your local business venture.

Running a local business is often times consuming. We look to work within a trade that will appeal to a broad client base, yet this is sometimes impracticable. The saying “less is more” should ring true for many local business owners in giving the local business time to grow. If you can identify your product and know it in depth, you will be able to distinguish your target customers, thus have a trade that is productive. Failure to do this means that you will be spending unnecessary resources trying to reach out to consumers who may not be interested in your products. This results in wasted time and money.

If you are starting out a new local business, make sure that all your research is fully carried out. Determine who buys your product or services and also what is the customer demand for this type of service. How effective and productive is the market you are looking into? Once you know this, you will also be able to establish which other local business would not only benefit yourself, but also benefit themselves from your expertise.

There are three aspects of local business Online contacts that you want to get to know. These include;

Digital Focal point – The Digital Focal point acts as the connection for all companies related in the same venture. The Digital Focal point is a significant part of the whole and it actually holds the other enterprises together. It brings a sense of balance, coordinates all the local businesses and ensures that communication channels are open and helpful. The Digital Focal point will connect one local business to another and oversee the exchange of ideas. Because a lot of local businesses regard the Digital Focal point as central, the number of Online contacts involved is numerous. In addition, they are all linked one to another due to their area of expertise.

Contact sphere – The contact sphere is essential to say the least. This is inclusive of other local businesses that have similar interests to your own. The local business people in this circle of trust are beneficial to your local business output, because their input is reliable as is any referral they may introduce.  In addition, they assist you to excel and meet your local business goals.

Center of influence – The center of influence will be a local business that is well established and is highly dependable. To have such a contact in your local business circle of trust is advantageous in more than one way. You will also get to associate with clients greatly interested in your products or services. Needless to say, such a referral will propel your local business and help you realize your objectives.

As said above, a lot of factors lead to the online success of a local business, and key to this is having the right online contacts.

Succeeding in Local business, Do You Need Good Online Contacts?

5 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Amazon’s Traffic by 206%

  1. Startup an account with Amazon.

This is the simplest part of the whole task. Just visit amazon and Startup an account for yourself.

This would only take a couple of minutes and is very straight forward.

  1. Click on your “Your Name” Store tab.

After you have set up your account, you must have been given a password to sign into your account.

If you are not logged in already, log in.

Now, within the subscriber’s area there must be a row of tabs at the very top of the member’s area, click on the one which says “Your Name” Store

This would take you to a complete different area with various sub-menus.

Click on the tab in the sub-menu that shows “About You Area”.

  1. Creating your About You Area.

This is where you need to pay special attention because this is exactly what people might find once they click on your ‘About You’ tab.

Supposing you’re at the ‘About You Area’ there are areas designed to put your Name, Picture, and Nickname, Real Name, email Address and About Me. Fill in all the spots except your ‘About Me’.

The ‘About Me’ this spot is really what we need to discuss in the next step, simply fill in all the other areas and if you wish to put up an image of yourself, you are able to; it is of your choice.

  1. Setting up the ‘About Me’ section.

This is possibly the single most crucial section of this whole practice because this is where your customer will learn about who you are and exactly what you and your business are all about, so do take this very seriously, now there are about 4,000 fonts of space to write a description on who you are and precisely what your business is all about, so it’s your choice on how long you wish your description to be.

Before writing your outline here is what you need to do within the first 70 to 80 characters of your ‘About Me’ description.

Include your ‘Domain Name’ in quotes into the First 70 to 80 characters of your outline once they click on ‘About Me’ and read your profile page they will as well see your Domain Name, if they need to find out more, they may either copy and paste or type your domain name into their browser which could take them to your site where they could subscribe to the newsletter which will then get them to register to the newsletter.

This is where the ‘List Building’ will start to take place from the visitors sent through Amazon.

Now, it has also been established that Amazon is a very high Traffic website since the ‘About Me Area’ as being setup the way it is often outlined above. The next approach is how to lead Amazon’s visitors to your website.

  1. Directing Amazon’s traffic to your website

This is when the fun starts. Once you see how it’s done you will possibly kick yourself in the butt similar to shown How-To do this.

So, Amazon is ideal known for Books, so click the ‘Books’ tab within Amazon’s member’s spot. This will bring you to a different page.

In the top left corner there exists a search box. A number of listings on books relevant to internet marketing

Scroll down and choose the “33 Days to Online Profits” link. It will bring the Product Description page.

In this Product Description page there locate the Product Details, Section Reviews and most significant of all, All Consumer Reviews.

That’s right, all you have to do is ‘Write Reviews’ on books within your specific Niche so when potential prospects are reviewing the book you have written review on, they will as well scroll down and happen to check out on your review and click on Your Name to see what you are about.

They will see your profile with your own name, email Address, Nick Name and your ‘About Me’ description with your Website Name screaming out at them which could easily be typed into their browser.

Hope you find the benefits of writing reviews and also how it will get you look in the eyes of your possible customer.

“This is a good technique to use if you are looking to set up yourself as a specialist within your Niche and also develop a highly focused ‘Opt-In’ list which you can market for many years to come.” Michael Fieger – GPS Public Relations.



3 Tips to Creating a Successful Craigslist Advertisement for Your Local Business

Advertising on Craigslist is useful for almost any business providing products or services. Either these products are marketed via eCommerce websites or real stores, the entrepreneurs can see financial profits through marketing on Craigslist. Compared to other advertising possibilities there is risk involved in publishing on Craigslist. Other than job postings and real estate postings in particular markets, advertising is cost free on Craigslist. People are asked to agree to the terms of use of the community and are required to follow certain rules when posting adverts but there are no obligations to those posting adverts on Craigslist. This implies those that post advertisements do not need to worry with whether or not the advert they place will meet their demands concerning sales generated.

Most people refer to Craigslist as a categorized advertisement online. The great thing about owning a Craigslist website, is the fact those people who want a particular product or service can easily post on the site. In exchange, those who offer these kinds of products or services will be the one that will contact the customer. It is very easy to use the website because it has a highly technical-graphic system. One could use the website to look for a specific service or product in a particular location. One can easily select a place where they really want the product or services.

  1. Reaching Potential customer on Craigslist

Another reason why placing adverts for products or services on Craigslist is really worthwhile is the chance of reaching a large target audience of potential prospects. An analysis of the Craigslist fact sheet shows relevant information about the amount of visitors the website receives. Based on this info Craigslist receives approximately 4 billion page views every month with 10 million people making use of Craigslist every month. From this research it is very clear that adverts placed on Craigslist could receive at least several attentions from prospective clients.

With so many traffic using Craigslist every month the advertising possibilities are endless, however, there are no warranties, some of these visitors would be interested in your services or products. Like any marketing strategy, your adverts on Craigslist should be interesting, informative and in a place that you will reach your prospective buyers.

  1. Finding Your Target Audience on Craigslist

We’ve actually mentioned the number of visitors utilizing Craigslist every month, but the key to benefiting from such numbers is to focus on your advertisements in a way aimed at reaching your prospective buyers instead of a wide audience of people who have no specific interest in your services or products. It is more useful to reach a small audience with a passionate interest in your services or products than reaching a larger audience of people that are not interested. Anyone who has an interest in what you offer is your prospective buyers.

The key to reaching your prospective buyers on Craigslist is posting your advertisement in the most relevant locations. Craigslist has a certain section for businesses to publicize their services. This segment is broken down into several categories. People who are in the business of computer restore would be wise to place their advertisement in the computer section instead of the automotive section for one thing people looking for computer help will definitely migrate to the computer section. It might sometimes be perfect to place an advert in several sections. It is acceptable as far as it doesn’t cross the line to spamming the section.

When there is not a particular section for the items offered by your business there are a few options. Entrepreneurs can post an advertisement in the section for small business advertisements where it may be found by people doing a search within this section. Alternately the business proprietor can contact Craigslist to recommend the addition of another category. They may be willing to assist if they assume this category requires an addition.

  1. The Variance between Advertising and Spamming

Advertising on Craigslist is just one thing, but spamming is quite another. Posting an advertisement in an ideal section of Craigslist is accepted; however, posting the same advert in almost every section of Craigslist sites for a variety of geographical regions is regarded as spam. Spam is inadequate for several reasons. First of all, potential prospects that see a certain advertisement in many different locations will probably recognize the spamming strategies and be less prone to patronize this business. Besides, if Craigslist finds the practice of spamming they might delete all the postings and could disallow advertisements from the person in the future.


6 Amazing Winning Methods to Low Cost Internet Advertisements

Advertising had long been a primary determinant for a business’ being successful. This will include the appearance of the product or service to the customers. What truly matters is how it is introduced to the target audience to be able to capture it.

Whatsoever the package, the advertisement media also performs a great role in deciding the success of the services or products awareness.

What might be its benefits over other established medium just like the best-selling TV adverts?


  1. Low Cost

Although the Internet advertisement may be seen as “classy” or widespread, compared to other medium, it is far more affordable compared to most Internet Advertisement Packages that are available for as low as $29 .99 for a one month run time period.

  1. Capture market

Should your service or product aim to focus on the young people or the corporate oriented ones, Internet advertisement could be best since they will always be “hooked-up” into the internet searching sites that may have a link to your own result, a large number of “hits” on your website!

  1. Hassle free

All you might ever really want is a Personal computer ( and some understanding and brilliant ideas in developing your site ) in which you can open your website , search for the perfect Internet Advertisement package , and update or check the status of your advertisement . You may never need to leave your house to advertise!

  1. Updated advertisements

Unlike the TV adverts that have to be updated frequently, Internet advertisements may operate for quite a long time without the need for change. In that case, change in the website is very minimal and might be done easily in your house.

  1. High Visibility

Irrespective of who your product or service is aimed towards, Internet advertisements can always be changed between sites. By giving a mutually useful piece of coverage, exchanging link info or banner advertisements with other website operators may be a great inexpensive hit generator!

  1. Lather, Rinse & Repeat.

As soon as you find the proper combination of words or images that brings consumers running, you may copy and paste your way into a fortune! You may possibly have 100’s of adverts online within a few hours as soon as you find the advert that actually works for you!


  1. Scope

Limited market could be captured if one will solely use the Internet Advert for advertising. Though a lot of people now are into the use of technology, i .e. searching the Internet , still , most of the average customers still depends on the old form of marketing as a way of collecting information about particular products or service .

  1. Additional cost

If one will enlist the help of other specialist or establishment to create the website for their product or service, this could include additional costs on the part of the business owner.

Given the mentioned list of benefits and drawbacks about low-cost Internet Advertisement, an entrepreneur could now weigh in its functionality to his or her services or products.

The purpose of Internet advertisement is to provide the widest range of the brand at the lowest possible cost.


The Truth about Creating SEO-Friendly Site Content!

Take a few hours to create search engine friendly website content.

Why is this important?
Website content plays an important role not just in educating the user of your business but in helping search engines rank your site higher in search engine results. The structure of the content, the usage of anchor text, inclusion of keywords and keyword consistency plays a key role in determining your site’s SEO.

Step #1: Keyword Research
Focus your website content around two to three short-tail keywords (not more than two words) and two to three long-tail keywords (from four to five words).

▪ Short-tail keywords have a lot of competition, for example wedding gowns

▪ Long-tail keywords, otherwise known as ‘money keywords,’ are the ones that lead to conversion. Anyone searching for long-tail key phrases.

Step #2: Include Keywords in Site Content Components
Site content components that have an impact on SEO are the following:

▪ Title – It must contain 60-70 characters including spaces and one to two keywords.

▪ Description – It must contain 150-160 characters including spaces and one to three keywords.

▪ H1 tag – It must contain the main keyword or money keyword.

▪ Site content – This can contain all the chosen keywords. You must include a keyword in the first few lines of your content.

▪ Image alt text – The content that describes your image. It can contain one main keyword.

▪ Anchor Text – These are the hyperlinked words in the content, out of which 50 percent can be keywords and 50 percent can be brand names or generic names.
We discussed this in detail in our previous email about keywords.

Step #3: Enhance Readability

▪ If your keyword is bridal collection store West Palm Beach, do not feel obliged to insert it, as is, in the content. Follow grammatical rules in the key phrase while writing your content and instead, write; bridal collection store in West Palm Beach.

▪ You can bold/strong your main keyword, however, it is not mandatory.

▪ Proof read your content for grammar and spelling mistakes.

▪ Break chunks of text into bulleted lists.

▪ Use short sentences and plenty of white space.

Step #4: Optimize Anchor Text
Some definitive to-dos when it comes to the usage of anchor text in your site content are as follows:

▪ Internal/External link anchor text must accurately describe the content it is linked to. For example, if you are linking to an external page about increased user buying statistics of a particular online brand, you must link it to anchor text such as increasing web popularity.

▪ Out of the total number of anchor texts in a page, not more than 50 percent must be exact anchor text matches. For example, if your keyword anchor text is amazing wedding dresses, not more than 50 percent of the links pointing to your page’s content should match each other.

▪ For the rest of the 50 percent you can use branded keywords, for example, Tom’s Bridal Collection or simply use generic anchor texts such as click here, read more, read more about David’s Bridal Collection and so on.
The idea is to make the linking look natural and not just for SEO.

Step #5: Provide Unique Content

Create original content.
* If content is written by a freelancer or SEO copywriting company, paste parts of the content into the Google search bar to check if it is copied (before the content is published on the site).
* Use Copyscape to check for plagiarism (after the content is published on the site).
* Insert short and long-tail keywords where they are relevant to the context of the content, i.e. keywords must flow naturally and not look like they are deliberately stuffed in.
* Write unique titles and descriptions for each web page.
* Keywords used in the title, descriptions, h1, image alt text and content must be consistent and relevant.
* Add freshness to your website by including a blog page or an article section and updating its content regularly.
Step #6: Check HTML to Text Ratio
▪ A 15 to 70 percent HTML to text ratio is good.
▪ 400 – 700 words per page of website content is ideal.
Run a test on www.GPSPublicRelations.com/m to check the HTML to text ratio on your site.


Free Website Analysis
Free Website Analysis