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Find Out The Best Digital Marketing Trends For Increased Customers In 2016

Find out the best digital marketing trends for increased customers in 2016

Online Marketing trends To Adopt in 2016

In today’s digital world of business, every online marketing resource is key to customer recognition. This means that every message a company sends must be communicated through various channels in order to reach the same amount of potential clients as they did a decade ago.

An example of this would be the emergence of email marketing, social media marketing, videos and blogs versus TV and radio. If you are looking for a place to start to adopt the newest trends for your business, follow these simple steps:

  1. Stay on the Lookout For New Technology

With changing patterns in our everyday life and the popularity of smartphones and tablets, marketing campaigns have gone mobile. TV and Radio although still popular in the advertising world have become a second option for the everyday business.

Online content is faster, easier to send and more cost-effective, allowing for businesses to expand their marketing strategy. This does not mean however, that TV and radio advertising does not work, but including online content is a necessary step to keep up with the competition.

  1. Hire A Professional 

In order to deliver the best results, a company should invest in hiring an expert to maintain efficiency while adopting the latest practices. Attempting to complete these marketing campaigns by yourself is too time consuming and will just not cut it if you want to get ahead of the competition. A professional does not only speed up the process of each campaign, but provides a business with the latest insights into the use of this technology.

  1. Provide Content With a Marketing Focus 

Yes, you may make good use of your social media accounts with every day posts in order to attract attention, but always make the best out of every post. Pay attention to what others are saying about their business and how they are saying it.

Avoid using content that comes off as a sales pitch and learn from others while on your search for new content strategies. It would also save you time and money to share a piece of information that is already out on the web as long as the content is revised and rewritten to your company’s standard.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Progress

And always remember to keep track of your analytics on each of your social media accounts as well as your website, then you’ll know what works, what doesn’t and what to add next time.

Make your posts easy to read and understand by your audience and invest into appealing to your target audience as much as you can.

Once you have applied these four key factors into your business strategy, think about alternative ways of putting content out on the web. Staying on top of new technology in today’s business is tough, but it is a defining factor that could make or break the marketing strategy for your business.


Written By: Daniela Balseca – Content Staff Writer

Daniela-Balseca-Content Staff Writer

Daniela Balseca is a Content Staff Writer at GPS Public Relations where she writes, edits and produces written and digital content in English and Spanish. Her skills are in multimedia journalism, social media writing, blogging, audio production, article writing.

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The Truth about Creating SEO-Friendly Site Content!

Take a few hours to create search engine friendly website content.

Why is this important?
Website content plays an important role not just in educating the user of your business but in helping search engines rank your site higher in search engine results. The structure of the content, the usage of anchor text, inclusion of keywords and keyword consistency plays a key role in determining your site’s SEO.

Step #1: Keyword Research
Focus your website content around two to three short-tail keywords (not more than two words) and two to three long-tail keywords (from four to five words).

▪ Short-tail keywords have a lot of competition, for example wedding gowns

▪ Long-tail keywords, otherwise known as ‘money keywords,’ are the ones that lead to conversion. Anyone searching for long-tail key phrases.

Step #2: Include Keywords in Site Content Components
Site content components that have an impact on SEO are the following:

▪ Title – It must contain 60-70 characters including spaces and one to two keywords.

▪ Description – It must contain 150-160 characters including spaces and one to three keywords.

▪ H1 tag – It must contain the main keyword or money keyword.

▪ Site content – This can contain all the chosen keywords. You must include a keyword in the first few lines of your content.

▪ Image alt text – The content that describes your image. It can contain one main keyword.

▪ Anchor Text – These are the hyperlinked words in the content, out of which 50 percent can be keywords and 50 percent can be brand names or generic names.
We discussed this in detail in our previous email about keywords.

Step #3: Enhance Readability

▪ If your keyword is bridal collection store West Palm Beach, do not feel obliged to insert it, as is, in the content. Follow grammatical rules in the key phrase while writing your content and instead, write; bridal collection store in West Palm Beach.

▪ You can bold/strong your main keyword, however, it is not mandatory.

▪ Proof read your content for grammar and spelling mistakes.

▪ Break chunks of text into bulleted lists.

▪ Use short sentences and plenty of white space.

Step #4: Optimize Anchor Text
Some definitive to-dos when it comes to the usage of anchor text in your site content are as follows:

▪ Internal/External link anchor text must accurately describe the content it is linked to. For example, if you are linking to an external page about increased user buying statistics of a particular online brand, you must link it to anchor text such as increasing web popularity.

▪ Out of the total number of anchor texts in a page, not more than 50 percent must be exact anchor text matches. For example, if your keyword anchor text is amazing wedding dresses, not more than 50 percent of the links pointing to your page’s content should match each other.

▪ For the rest of the 50 percent you can use branded keywords, for example, Tom’s Bridal Collection or simply use generic anchor texts such as click here, read more, read more about David’s Bridal Collection and so on.
The idea is to make the linking look natural and not just for SEO.

Step #5: Provide Unique Content

Create original content.
* If content is written by a freelancer or SEO copywriting company, paste parts of the content into the Google search bar to check if it is copied (before the content is published on the site).
* Use Copyscape to check for plagiarism (after the content is published on the site).
* Insert short and long-tail keywords where they are relevant to the context of the content, i.e. keywords must flow naturally and not look like they are deliberately stuffed in.
* Write unique titles and descriptions for each web page.
* Keywords used in the title, descriptions, h1, image alt text and content must be consistent and relevant.
* Add freshness to your website by including a blog page or an article section and updating its content regularly.
Step #6: Check HTML to Text Ratio
▪ A 15 to 70 percent HTML to text ratio is good.
▪ 400 – 700 words per page of website content is ideal.
Run a test on www.GPSPublicRelations.com/m to check the HTML to text ratio on your site.


Free Website Analysis
Free Website Analysis