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Find Out The Best Digital Marketing Trends For Increased Customers In 2016

Find out the best digital marketing trends for increased customers in 2016

Online Marketing trends To Adopt in 2016

In today’s digital world of business, every online marketing resource is key to customer recognition. This means that every message a company sends must be communicated through various channels in order to reach the same amount of potential clients as they did a decade ago.

An example of this would be the emergence of email marketing, social media marketing, videos and blogs versus TV and radio. If you are looking for a place to start to adopt the newest trends for your business, follow these simple steps:

  1. Stay on the Lookout For New Technology

With changing patterns in our everyday life and the popularity of smartphones and tablets, marketing campaigns have gone mobile. TV and Radio although still popular in the advertising world have become a second option for the everyday business.

Online content is faster, easier to send and more cost-effective, allowing for businesses to expand their marketing strategy. This does not mean however, that TV and radio advertising does not work, but including online content is a necessary step to keep up with the competition.

  1. Hire A Professional 

In order to deliver the best results, a company should invest in hiring an expert to maintain efficiency while adopting the latest practices. Attempting to complete these marketing campaigns by yourself is too time consuming and will just not cut it if you want to get ahead of the competition. A professional does not only speed up the process of each campaign, but provides a business with the latest insights into the use of this technology.

  1. Provide Content With a Marketing Focus 

Yes, you may make good use of your social media accounts with every day posts in order to attract attention, but always make the best out of every post. Pay attention to what others are saying about their business and how they are saying it.

Avoid using content that comes off as a sales pitch and learn from others while on your search for new content strategies. It would also save you time and money to share a piece of information that is already out on the web as long as the content is revised and rewritten to your company’s standard.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Progress

And always remember to keep track of your analytics on each of your social media accounts as well as your website, then you’ll know what works, what doesn’t and what to add next time.

Make your posts easy to read and understand by your audience and invest into appealing to your target audience as much as you can.

Once you have applied these four key factors into your business strategy, think about alternative ways of putting content out on the web. Staying on top of new technology in today’s business is tough, but it is a defining factor that could make or break the marketing strategy for your business.


Written By: Daniela Balseca – Content Staff Writer

Daniela-Balseca-Content Staff Writer

Daniela Balseca is a Content Staff Writer at GPS Public Relations where she writes, edits and produces written and digital content in English and Spanish. Her skills are in multimedia journalism, social media writing, blogging, audio production, article writing.

3 Simple Yet Effective Techniques to Help You Increase Website Traffic

Building a business in the online world is a lot like building a business in the offline world in the sense that you need creativity and willingness to work hard in order to taste success in both cases.

Plus, just like you need foot traffic to make profit in an offline business, you need online traffic to make profit in an online business. And quite frankly, that is the hard part.

Despite what many people may tell you, getting lots of traffic in a newly built site is not very easy. That may sound a bit illogical, after all millions of users visit the internet every single day, don’t they? Yes they do. But they also have the option to choose from the millions of businesses on the internet that compete for their attention.

Because it is hard to get traffic on a site, the only surefire way to succeed in an online business is to make use of techniques that guarantee good traffic. In this post, you will learn three basic but highly effective techniques that will help you increase website traffic.

Let us get started.

Technique #1: Make your site as interesting as possible

Now, you cannot just hope to build an interesting site and then sit there to see traffic rise; of course there is more work involved. But, without having an interesting site, no matter what you do will not be enough for achieving great success in the online world.

So what is an interesting site, really? An interesting site is that which helps its visitors in some way, and stands out in one or more ways. In other words, an interesting site is one which contains a lot of information that others cannot find anywhere else.

And why is it important for a site to be interesting? It is important for a site to be interesting because if a site does not have a large number of dense pages, search engines will not be able to find much information on it. And as a result, the site will not be able to secure high search engine rankings.

Having an interesting site is important for another reason. That is, to collect quality inbound links. Websites and people only link to those sites that have great content. And you probably already know that apart from search engine rankings, the biggest factor that determines the level of traffic received by a site is the amount of inbound links it has. And needless to say that inbound links directly impact the rankings of a site, too, since Google views backlinks as a sort of votes.

Further, if a site has truly interesting content, sometimes, word of mouth alone can help it rise high.

Technique #2: Let your content shine on other places

Letting other webmasters benefit a bit from your information is a great way to build search traffic, as well. Popularly referred to as guest posting, what this method involves is writing posts and publishing them on other sites that are similar to your site, by embedding on the posts links to your site.

Millions of websites, blogs and other places accept guest posts on the internet. Article directories are pretty good places to publish such posts, and so are personal blogs.

Technique #3: Optimize everything you can optimize

If your site is not optimized well to receive traffic, it will not receive traffic. And that is our third point of discussion.

So, how do you optimize your site to get best results? There are two ways of doing that actually – on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization refers to the many things you can do on your website itself to increase search engine rankings. For example, adding keywords and important phrases in headings, titles, urls and other places falls under on page optimization. Naming images with key phrases and keeping an optimal keyword density are also included in the same category.

Off page optimization, on the other hand, refers to the techniques used to improve search rankings of a site without actually altering anything in the website itself. For instance, building backlinks is a technique that falls under off page optimization.

Note that on page optimization and off page optimization are both important. And so, you cannot expect to find success by neglecting one and relying completely on the other. Some people say that backlinks are the single most important thing that determines the rankings of a website, but not all experts agree with the idea. So, if you want to put your best foot forward, make sure that your strategy involves a balance between both the optimization techniques.

It may be hard to build traffic to a site, but it is not impossible. With the help of the above techniques, anyone can make a site receive thousands of visitors every day!