Text Marketing Services for Your Business

Getting your customers interested in and talking about your business is the most potent form of marketing. What better way to get the conversation started than letting them know about any special deals you have going on?

What about letting them know about the daily specials?

As a business owner the first step is to get customers in the door let us help you keep them coming back.

Keep Customers Informed & Interested

Creating meaningful connections with your patrons will lead them into your business time and time again!

How It Works

1) We provide signage for you to place throughout your business inviting customers to join.
2) Customers will see the signs and join. Your customer list will continue to grow and grow.
3) Reach all of your customers instantly with a single text message for announcements, sales, specials and promotions!

The Power of Text Messaging

• These days, everyone leaves their house with 3 things: their keys, wallet and of course, their cell phone.
• 100% of all cell phones can receive text messages.
• 98% of consumers read their text messages within minutes.
• Customers provide their permission by opting in. They WANT to receive messages from your business!
• Word of mouth – your clients will share your promotions with their friends, expanding your customer base even more!

Instantly Reach Your Customers

Text Message Marketing enables merchants to inform customers, within a moment’s notice, about anything!

From Our Clients

“We are able to gauge how well the service works by the overwhelming response we have gotten from our customers.”

Paul Saw
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GPS Public Relations is Michael Fieger’s USA Based Business handles the details of your Public Relations and Social Media strategies and implementation so you can focus on your core business. Our experienced and creative industry professionals help companies design, plan, execute and maintain their online image and presence through customized Social Media Marketing programs in addition to traditional public relation methods.