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Digital Public Relations Marketing Sales Career


Job Description - Our Products and Services:

GPS Public Relations is a high end, award winning, full service web design and online marketing firm. Visit us out at and you’ll see very quickly why we are known throughout the industry for creating the most effective sites on the web and SEO. No one does a better job of creating a site that captures the interest of a potential client and converts that interest in to new business. We do this by offering the following customer focused services:

• Website Development + Multimedia & Interactive Visuals + Graphic Design

• Custom Internet Applications + E-commerce + Database Integration
• Online and Interactive Marketing + Search Engine Optimization
• Strategic & Marketing Consulting + Business Development



If you have a minimum of 1+ year business-to-business ( B2B ) sales experience, like networking, love sales, and are quick to learn then this may be the career for you! 

We are a fast growing, dynamic company in need of an Honest, Highly Motivated and High Energy sales and business development individual. As a salesperson you will contact potential clients for new sales, present the products and services, and most importantly…close the sale! In addition, it will also be necessary to think strategically and aid in the business development. You will work with and report directly to the President of GPS Public Relations with regards to market development. This is an excellent opportunity for a self-starter who is looking for more than just a job. 

You will be trained to be well versed with our product offerings and our proven sales processes, to ensure your success at GPS Public Relations.



Income and Advancement Opportunities: Advancement to Management

Our great commission plan can deliver a Year 1 average of over $100K! on our SEO sales jobs. It is your determination and motivation that will allow you to make over $100,000 per year. At GPS Public Relations, the opportunities to excel and build a great income are unlimited. Our employees are as valuable as our customers, so we take great care in ensuring they reap the benefits as the company grows. 

Internet knowledge, sales experience or marketing education is beneficial. Other factors that will help you succeed in this position are:

• Business-to-Business ( B2B ) Prospecting & Sales Experience
• Time Management Experience
• Professional Appearance
• Outgoing Personality
• Computer Literacy

Most of all a focused drive to succeed and a passion to control your own destiny. We provide the opportunity and the atmosphere to build an excellent career.

Email us your resume for consideration to Title the subject as Digital Public Relations Marketing Sales Career and Your Name.

Your potential goes well beyond six figures, if you know how to close. Work with a leader in the industry and create a lasting career with an extraordinarily bright future.


Michael Fieger
GPS Public Relations & Website Design | West Palm Beach, FL |  (561) 201-6021 ‎
Web Design | Web Development | Mobile Marketing| Graphic Design| Hosting | Internet Marketing | High Tech Public Relations | SEO Marketing

















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The Dirty Truth On Winning Methods To Successful Video Online Marketing

Click On Image To Watch Video

Video is a compelling medium for getting your message out and pushing your items or administrations. Bargains transformations have been demonstrated to expand extensively when items or administrations are pushed through Video Marketing.

And in addition offering video creation and altering for your site, I can additionally furnish help and preparing to enable you to push your business in the most ideal route conceivable through the capable promoting medium.

Top showcasing specialists concur that using an incredible video promoting methodology is one of indisputably the best things you can do to enhance your business. By executing astute and successful movie promoting strategies you are certain to incredibly build both your deals and benefits. Read onto study extraordinary video advertising tips.

Determine that your video and voice are clear. Nothing will dismiss quicker than not having the capacity to see the film or hear the sound accurately. Check your video before you give it a chance to head off live to guarantee everything is working effectively. It is much simpler to settle these issues before you distribute your motion picture and it can recover you some shame simultaneously.

Meeting an unmistakable representative and offer that movie in your video advertising crusade. This can help you manufacture your customer record, as well as help the individual you question fabricate their customer record. This sort of movie showcasing can help separate you as an industry pioneer.

The point when thinking about a title for your video, thinking regarding page rank and SEO. Every title may as well incorporate essential catchphrases and elective catchphrase’s moreover legitimate HTML. Utilize an appealing title that is a figure of speech or a title that rhymes. The way to improving an exceptional video title is making it critical.

Continuously watch your films before you distribute them. This may resemble a straightforward and evident articulation, however it is vital. Watch your motion pictures and determine there are not any oversights. Verify you sound great and the quality is exceptional. The video are an impression of your organization, so provided that they look terrible, so does your business.

A Video made for showcasing must be advertised as well! Present connects on it on gatherings, through message, on your social media accounts, on your online journal and anyplace else you can consider. The more individuals you get the connection to, the more viewers you’ll have both through their own particular survey and their imparting.

Don’t forget about additional video websites. YouTube is not the only player in town of video uploading websites! Google to find specialty locales which you could have the ability to post your business movie to, or even acknowledge exchanging your motion picture with an alternate site which has a subject comparative to your own particular.

As was expressed in the opening piece of this article, Video Marketing promoting battles offer an extraordinary approach to help business and increment deals and profits.

Video Marketing

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50 Powerful Call to Action Phrases

Are your prospects doing what you’d like them to be doing? Are they ordering your ebooks, opting into your website or clicking on your links?

If not, you’re missing out on one of the top-secret weapons that copywriters have used for years to get their prospects to act accordingly.

So, what do master copy-writers do to move prospects to action? They ask them to act.

That’s right. You simply need to ask your prospects to do what you want them to do. It really is that straightforward.

But, most landing pages, sales pages and emails don’t utilize this bizarrely simple technique (which is also why most ad-copy performs so poorly).

According to usability expert Jared Spool, when visitors find powerful action words on a landing page, they are successful at completing their task 72% of the time; if the action word isn’t on the page, they are only successful 6% of the time.

Obviously, it’s in your best interest to ask your prospects what you want them do, how to do it, and that you want them to do it immediately.

Here is a list of 50 powerful “call to action” phrases that you can use in your future ad-copy:

  1. Click here.
  2. Click here to find out all the details.
  3. Download now.
  4. Immediate download.
  5. Reply today.
  6. Try it free.
  7. Start your free trial now.
  8. Sign up for your free trial immediately.
  9. Your free trial is just a click away.
  10. Join now.
  11. Start now.
  12. Talk to an expert.
  13. I invite you to…
  14. I urge you to act at once.
  15. I can’t wait to hear from you.
  16. We’d like to hear from you.
  17. Just hit Reply and we’ll email you the details.
  18. Sign up online at
  19. Learn more about us at
  20. Order now, while there’s still time,
  21. Place your order now, while everything is still in front of you.
  22. In a hurry? Call 555-1212
  23. For even faster service, call 555-1212.
  24. To place your order, call us toll-free at ____________.
  25. Just reach for your phone.
  26. Mail your order today!
  27. Send in your application today!
  28. We’re waiting for your call.
  29. I urge you to send for our free brochure.
  30. Send for our free catalog.
  31. Mail this convenient coupon today!
  32. For more details call 555-1212.
  33. Please don’t hesitate to call us.
  34. Why not give us a call to find out all the details?
  35. Call us this week to schedule an appointment.
  36. It’s important that you respond promptly.
  37. Offer expires March 1st.
  38. For a short time only.
  39. Order now and receive a free gift.
  40. See it in action.
  41. Get it now!
  42. Request your FREE quote today.
  43. Free Shipping
  44. Money Back Guarantee
  45. Best value
  46. Limited availability
  47. Expires at midnight tonight.
  48. Act quickly.
  49. Reserve your spot now.
  50. Sign up now, while you still can.

So, there you have it. A list of fifty powerful “call to action” phrases to use in all of your future ad-copy. The results will astound you.

Article Source:

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Top 5 SEO Mistakes According to Google

Google’s Matt Cutts recently took some time out of his (no doubt) busy day to discuss some of the biggest and most common mistakes a large number of webmasters continue to make with regards to search engine optimization (SEO).
According to Matt, these are the most common mistakes to make and can be easily avoided when you first get started on SEO.
So here goes….
Mistake #1: Not having a crawlable website. If you make your good content really hard to find, then Google can’t crawl, index, and rank your content.
Solution: Watch the video below for Matt’s suggestion.

Mistake #2: Not including the right keywords and phrases within your website’s content.
Solution: According to Matt, it helps if webmasters think about what keywords and phrases searchers are going to use to find your website/business. Those are the words that should appear throughout the content on your site.

Mistake #3: Webmasters are focusing entirely too much on building links. Their focal points should be on creating quality content as well as marketing.
Solution: Rather than thinking of link building as the bee-all and end-all of SEO, you should focus on making something compelling – a reason people will really want to use your website.

Mistake #4: Webmasters are not using proper descriptions and titles. The purpose of your titles and descriptions is to entice viewers to want to click your link and visit your website.
Solution: Watch Matt’s video below for his suggestions on creating correct title and description tags.

Mistake #5: Not reaping the benefits of all the SEO and Webmaster resources readily available on the Internet.
Solution: Matt highly recommends that webmasters consider following Google’s videos and blogs. It is also suggested that they engage in conversation on the Google forums, and try using resources from other search engines like Blekko’s link tool and Bing Webmaster Tools.

You can watch the full video of the SEO mistakes below:

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10 Techniques to Becoming an Effective Blogger



Contact US QR Code

1. It’s acceptable to begin small.You can start by sending emails to a few close friends. Your friends may like your work and start forwarding your emails to their friends, and so on and so on. Social media has made it even simpler to reach even far more of your friends’ close friends. Even Facebook started out small, and progressed virally.

2. Locate a subject matter where you know there is interest.

People today have all kinds of hobbies and interests. Some of them are presently well-covered by blog writers, and others there is more flexibility. Even now, just because the internet is saturated with blog writers in any distinct subject, it doesn’t mean you can’t provide a distinctive, beneficial and/or engaging voice to the table. Selection 3 is specifically related to this.

3. Serve to a specialized niche target audience.

If you’ve select a specific topic to blog about, you might be already catering to a niche target audience to some extent. However, it is bringing a distinctive voice to the table that truly contributes to that. The factor is, this niche audience is most likely already reading through the other bloggers who are producing about the same niche, which is why you have to deliver something unique to the table.

4. Keep up to date with your specific niche market consistently.

I don’t blog about every single SEO Expert, but the ones I focus on, I keep up with fanatically. This indicates followers can consider you a go-to resource when they want the most recent news and analysis relevant to your topics. That continues your followers returning back again.

5. Do your homework and research.

In essence, if you want to be regarded such a go-to resource, you really don’t want to do a half baked task. Be comprehensive. If in some situations you can’t be thorough in your details, at the very least be completely interesting, or insightful. That doesn’t mean you have to put out lengthy post after lengthy post, simply try not to overlook things that make a difference.

6. Accumulate reliable resources (and also use them).

I have my regular sources, which I trust, where I can get key information that is needed and to be on prime related news to cover my topic. This helps keep me at the cutting edge of breaking information in my expertise. Having these resources can also be useful for generating links to your blog from other blogs and forums.

7. Develop a good track record.

This is directly related to number six. It’s easier to have a good track record of accuracy, when your sources are trustworthy, but sometimes you may get tips that turn out to be busts. Always indicate if there is any doubt to what you’re reporting. If you can’t take it for fact yourself, you shouldn’t report it as fact to others. If you ever make a mistake, acknowledge it as a show to your audience that you can still be trusted.

8. Utilization of social media.

Use social channels to be connected with followers and market your written content (these channels can also increase to your rankings in search engines. It can’t damage to implement basic SEO techniques). “Both equally have been a blessing for my website,”

9. Product or service-relevant content can interest readers and companies.

This isn’t so significantly a step, but simply one thing to keep in mind, and I don’t mean this from the obtaining products for favourable reviews viewpoint. You may possibly want to read through the FTC’s rules if you’re intrigued in that. However, You can brings attention to company products and drive good backlinks.

If certain merchandise are within your area of interest, you can reach out to individuals within the organizations that deliver these products, for attainable trusted resources, and they could possibly be eager to give you the periodic exclusive story or first shot at breaking news flash, which can also get you links and help you create authority.

10. Stay with it and don’t give up.

You may begin small, but obviously the objective is to become substantial blogger. This will take time. I have been doing this for 5 years. Pursuing these preceding methods over time, they should begin to be financially worthwhile to grow your business or interest.


Michael Fieger-GPS Public Relations & Website Design | West Palm Beach, FL | (561) 201-6021 ‎
Web Design | Web Development | Mobile Marketing| Graphic Design| Hosting | Internet Marketing | High Tech Public Relations | SEO Marketing

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Post Penguin Services to gain high quality links

With frequent search engine algorithm updates like Panda, penguin in Google,link building has become even more critical.But we can use effective ways of creating authority links for enhanced link building results

Ranking or Traffic drop in the webmaster tools graph is not due to the penalty sometimes but rather due to value of links which were being or has been discounted.

This is why Google has begun saying that Penguin isn’t a penalty but rather just an algorithmic change,where the algorithm is detecting low quality links or votes and not counting them. If you were a site with a lot of low links or votes, then you’re going to be hit harder than sites that have only a few of them among all the legitimate ones.

“Put your focus on building good quality links rather than trying to fix all of your crappy ones. Eventually, you’ll have a higher ratio, and you’ll get rewarded”

Link building criteria we follow to avoid spammy tactics that can be harmful after panda and penguin

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Link Schemes 

Google Marketing -Free Five Day Trial

Michael Fieger

GPS Public Relations & Website Design | West Palm Beach, FL | (561) 201-6021
Web Design | Web Development | Mobile Marketing| Graphic Design| Hosting | Internet Marketing | High Tech Public Relations | SEO Marketing

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What To Do After The Web Site Has Been Built


  5 Ways To Promote Your Website After It’s Built:

•             Facebook is a great way to promote your website and business. It is important to understand that this page is not about you, its about your customers and fans. Make sure you are giving them some interesting and pertinent reasons to keep abreast of your business and new products.

•             Twitter is another great tool to help promote your business. It allows you to reach people whom you could not reach in other places and delivers instant “tweets” to your followers. This helps your customers feel invested in you and frequently reminds them that you’re here for them when they need you.

•             Banner Exchange is a great way to promote your site on other websites that are relevant in your market and to your potential customers. The best part is: as part of the package we supply you with a web banner that is properly coded and ready to use immediately as a way of cross-promotion

•             Hyperlink! Putting a link in your email signature is extremely effective at getting traffic. Making it a hyperlink is even more crucial. This will allow the person you emailed to click your website, rather than having to copy and past the url. It’s the small things that can create a huge difference.

•             Business Cards are not DEAD! While networking and meeting new people, make sure your business card is on you, has your website listed, and is easily readable. Get out there and spread the word! YOU should be your best spokesman!

GPS Public Relations & Website Design | 610 Clematis St | West Palm Beach, FL 33401 |   (561) 201-6021 ‎

We are specialized in the creation of strategies and media for revenue generation basing them on the current directions and reports from major research firms, and perfecting those strategies to induct the client’s specific niche area. We implement this in 3 steps.


Public Relations - We are geared to provide small and medium organizations with the latest in class branding, marketing and creative services, without the price tag of a large agency.


Website Design - We use in-house talent and creative talent, as well as specially picked vendors to offer full-service marketing and branding services to small, medium and large enterprises, government agencies and non-profit organizations as well.


Search Engine Optimization - We provide social media optimization to promote the client’s website through an interactive method. The client becomes popular among the social media users and can leverage the business, through social media optimization.


About Michael Fieger


Spearheads and expands customer relationships and engagement utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, and video. Identifies and implements interesting ways to actively manage and promulgate the client’s corporate reputation. Restructures and develops strategies and plans for joint business vendor relationships that generates smooth revenue stream. Manages the requests of medium/small companies concerning web development, brand marketing, search marketing, social media, content marketing.


What to do After the Web Site has Been Built


You have a website, it looks great and does what you want it to, but what next and how do you get new business with it via internet marketing or seo?

With thousands of websites in your market or industry you cannot afford to let your website or business get left behind and you cannot rely on a website without a serious Online Marketing, SEO or SEM campaign to back it up.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing is what is required to gain traffic and sales from the most powerful medium ever, the Internet. With Google, Yahoo and MSN controlling around 80% of the internet’s search results, the potential for your product, service or site is massive. Most companies and organizations overlook this necessary method of marketing, but there are ways to rapidly grow your site and its traffic at relatively low prices compared to traditional print advertising by using seo and sem.

Unless you are a corporate, blue chip company or have vast budgets, you cannot simply setup a PPC (Pay Per Click) account with Google or Overture/Yahoo and simply sit back and receive traffic. You will get traffic but you have to be smarter than this due to competitiveness and click fraud. Keywords have to be researched and targeted thoroughly before you even begin to start your campaign. Once you have achieved the correct keywords for your target market you can start to plan your online campaign using seo and sem techniques and this will greatly depend on your budget.

Search Engine Optimization Service

It is frightening, but most clients of web design companies do not even seriously consider that they will need to spend as much if not more on their SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Internet Marketing as they do on their actual site and this is where it all goes horribly wrong. It doesn’t seem to matter how often clients are warned about their marketing, they just do not seem to listen and when their great site is launched, they always come back and ask why they are not getting more sales, despite advice and recommendations.

More than 70% of internet users prefer to use the natural ?organic? results of a search engine and by using an SEO Consultant you can gain significant traffic over a long-term period and achieve sales and enquiries at a much lower cost than PPC over a longer period. Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

Without having to break your budgets, if you plan from the start, you can balance a great site with a great search engine marketing campaign and save lots of unnecessary wasted time and money.


So you’ve already built your website, and most likely spent a great deal of money on it. Great job! Your online presence is obviously, and rightfully important to you. But now your website is losing its momentum and no longer has that “new” feeling, so what do you do next? Great question. While search engine marketing is important to help gain traffic through search engines, there are also many ways you can still promote your site that cost very little, and even nothing at all.

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Weight Loss: Do I Have to Give Up Chocolate?


Have you ever tried to lose weight on a particular diet and failed?
If you answered yes to that question, all it means is that you are approaching weightloss in an unhelpful way.
Weightloss is not a pass or fail situation. Indeed it’s this attitude that leads so many people to giving up on their dreams of losing weight. How many times have you heard people say ”I tried to lose weight on that diet, but couldn’t stick to it” ”I didn’t have the willpower to stay on that diet, so I gave up”

Why do people talk like this? It’s part of the “diet” culture. The way that most diets are promoted is by treating dieting like an exam. You either lose weight or you don’t. If you succeed, well done – If you fail, sorry, bad luck. And people who don’t stick perfectly to the diet are “cheating”.
But just like we wouldn’t brush our teeth once and think that our teeth were clean for the rest of our lives, we shouldn’t view losing weight as a one-off event that we either pass or fail.
Managing your weight is a process. It’s something you need to learn, much like a child learns to ride a bike. When a child learns to ride a bike we don’t tell them they’ve failed when they’ve fallen off. We encourage them to get up and try again. It would be a rare child indeed that started riding a bike the first time they tried it. Similarly, if you want to change the way you manage your weight, you are going to make a few mistakes before you get it right.
Therefore it isn’t failure when you make a mistake on a diet; it is a necessary part of the process of discovering how to manage your weight successfully. And part of this process includes being flexible with your approach. Not all methods work for all people. We are all different hence the approach that is most flexible for you is the one most likely to succeed. So you should be willing to try different strategies.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and then give up when it doesn’t work out. If this happens – something doesn’t work as well as it should then try something else. There really is no other way of finding a way to manage weight successfully.
Don’t let a few setbacks put you off. You are learning a new way of doing things. You need to keep trying different things until you discover what works. And just like the child learning to ride a bike, the only way you can fail is by giving up.

Most people trying to lose weight think that they have to cut out all the foods they love in order to achieve their goal. This is a terrible way to go about it, because it makes the whole experience unpleasant and so you are less likely to stick to it.

The main question you should really ask yourself is: What do you want to achieve?  To be Continued! Watch my next article.

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20 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Let’s face it, sometimes ideas are just hard to come by. We are so overloaded with things to remember and things to do, that coming up with some newer ways to help promote our business can be challenging.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve jotted down some ideas that appealed to me. Some I thought of myself, some I discovered through all of my surfing ventures of late.

1) Create a calendar to give away. If it applies, and the photos can relate to your business all the better. Of course, this calendar will have your business name and contact information on it!

2) Conduct a free clinic or seminar about a product or service that you offer. These can be webinars as well. They don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to be relevant.

3) Put together a marketing video . Google loves video. When it’s complete, upload it to YouTube and then embed it on your website, and whereever else you can think of.

4) Write an article about what you know and post it on your website, blog, other websites, everywhere! We all know more about something than someone else does, so promote yourself as an expert in that!

5) Write a press release and submit it to your local newspaper. There are also numerous websites that you can submit your press release to, and some of them are free.

6) Create an annual award for something and publicize it.

7) Join your Chamber of Commerce , mostly for the incredible networking opportunities that it will offer you, but also to show your sense of community.

8) Volunteer to give a speech , or for career day at a local high school.

9) Create a customer loyalty program.

10) Create a monthly newsletter and start an email marketing campaign.

Article Source: 

GPS Public Relations is a Florida web design company. We are a team of professional web site designers and web programmers with the goal to achieve the highest possible level of success for your business. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the industry and we always meet or exceed client expectations. When people think of web design they think of GPS Public Relations as their ultimate marketing solution. Whether it’s a simple poster, flyer or logo design or a full scale web development project with a shopping cart and custom programming, our clients love us for our outstanding internet services and customer service. Find out if we service clients in your region or call us for a FREE phone consultation.

GPS Public Relations:

Graphic design | Web design | Web Hosting | Search engine optimization |Mobile Website | Video Animation

Michael Fieger

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Online Penny Auctions at Up to 90 OFF Retail Prices!! Register Today!!

Bid On and WIN Factory Sealed Products at Our Online Penny Auctions at Up to 90% OFF Retail Prices!! Become a Member and Visit our Wholesale Stores! Can You REALLY Afford NOT To?

Online Penny Auctions at Up to 90 OFF Retail Prices!!

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How to Recognize a Scam from “The Real Deal!”
Penny Auctions and Affiliate Marketing Scam Report

If you are new to Online Penny Auctions, Affiliate Programs or both…and are wondering: “Is this a scam?” “How is it possible for this company to actually auction away these items at such ridiculous prices?” “Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes?” You’ve come to the right place. First and foremost, the answer is No, we are not a scam. Like other Online Penny Auctions, our business model loses money on approximately 70% of the products in our auctions. We make our money on “bidding activity” and also earn revenue on approximately 30% of specific auctions.Here’s how it works: Every person who bids on Penny Auction site Zeekler, purchases what is called a “Bid Pack.” Our bids cost the bidder 65 cents each. When a bid is placed on a penny auction item (let’s say for the sake of this example – it’s an Apple iPad.) the company receives that 65 cents on every bid. So, on a $10.00 item – 1000 bids were placed – and the company received the equivalent of $650.We pay commissions and overrides up to .13c per bid – so the company now has $520 to work with. Then we purchase and ship the iPad to the winner which costs us $499. The company just retained $21, you just walked away for an iPad for $10 and the referring affiliates responsible for your coming to bid (and win) on Zeekler earn “thank you” commissions on the bids you purchased. That’s what we like to call… “A Win – Win – Win Proposition!” We are extremely dedicated penny auction site to our Fair Bidding Policy and to maintaining a fun, safe and profitable environment for our bidders and representatives.Our parent company Rex Venture Group has been in business 13 years and has historically paid its representatives in the field every commission check earned since its’ inception. “Is this a Pyramid Scheme?” Of course not!! “Pyramids” or “Money Games” are illegal and ask its’ participants to wrap money in tin foil and FedEx it to “someone else” with no exchange for product or service!The pyramidal structure is actually the “model” structure of every corporation and even the U.S. Social Security system. Why then are pyramids illegal? Because there is no “exchange” of product or service for the money spent and the only ones who “collect” money are the people at the top of the pyramid. When there are no longer enough people coming and sending money “up” to move people thru the pyramid – the pyramid collapses. An example of a legal – yet collapsing pyramidal structure/system is what is happening to social security. The baby boomers are all coming of age to collect (at the top of the pyramid)- with not enough people paying in from the bottom!! The structure will then collapse. Every CEO is at the top of his/her company’s pyramidal structure. That’s why he/she makes so much more than a mailroom worker. At penny auction site Zeekler every person has the same opportunity to achieve the same income or out-earn the person who referred them into the program.

Zeek=Verified Online Penny Auction!! Verified by Click to Verify The leading watchdog resource of legitimate, authentic, unpaid Penny Auction verifications, has reported the following about Penny Auction Site Zeekler: PennyBurners Final Say: We are excited about Zeekler! They are dedicated to providing an honest penny auction site and they offer some exciting features that you can’t find everywhere else. We have verified their site legitimacy and feel comfortable telling our users they can safely spend their money at To leave reviews and feedback, or to discuss this article please visit the Zeekler Thread Penny Auction Forum for Zeekler in the PennyBurners Community.”To read the full article please visit: Verified Penny Auction Article on ZeeklerZeekler is committed to maintaining a robust auction website with multiple types of auctions, features, and lucrative ways for all the ZEO’s at Zeekler to make money.” excerpt from interview w/ Dawn Wright-Olivares & Alexandre de Brantes – Zeekler


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