A Warm Thank You to Everyone

As families gather globally to celebrate another festive time of the year, it is important that I let you all know how grateful I am. This time of year has everyone happy and appreciative of their loved ones and friends. It is a season of giving and celebrating. So because of these reasons, I deem it necessary to share my appreciation as well.

To begin with, I have to say I am grateful for the journey that we have both traveled. My teachings and written works are of great importance and to share them with you makes them all the more important. Thank you for taking time and interest in it all. For the hours that we havesat and conversed, I look at those as being inspiring moments, and hope that they are the same for you.

Life would not be worth living without those we interact with on a day to day basis; those with whom we share our life, jobs, a walk and a talk, or our moments of laughter. Let us be thankful to our families, our parents, our workmates, our siblings, our playmates and our colleagues. Let us be thankful to our neighbors and our friends. In general, let us be thankful for life.

It is paramount that we offer our greatest thanks to God Almighty who bestows us with life. Let us say thank you to Him who is most high, all powerful and all knowing. He who breathes life into us, grants us strength, joy, motivation and inspiration. Let us be grateful for His mercy, peace, kindness, grace, love, patience and selflessness that He has instilled in us to impart to all around us. Give thanks and praise to Him.

Thank you to for the Holy Spirit, that silent yet powerful character of strength, courage, determination, hope, heart and soul, which comes through in moments of need, moments of despair, moments of happiness and moments of encouragement. Thank you Spirit for granting us knowledge, insight, peace, contentment, and wisdom; for revealing what needs to be seen, heard, felt and done. We thank you for creativity that is diverse and universal.

Happy New Years 2012





So, once again I thank you all so very much and I pray that God’s blessing continues to carry you through.



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