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50 Powerful Call to Action Phrases

Are your prospects doing what you’d like them to be doing? Are they ordering your ebooks, opting into your website or clicking on your links? If not, you’re missing out on one of the top-secret weapons that copywriters have used … Continue reading

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10 Techniques to Becoming an Effective Blogger

    1. It’s acceptable to begin small.You can start by sending emails to a few close friends. Your friends may like your work and start forwarding your emails to their friends, and so on and so on. Social media … Continue reading

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Empower Yourself through Dynamic Relationships

Relationships are important because they enable us how to discover more about ourselves and each other. In addition, it is through contact with one another that we grow. To add to this, how we treat each other as well as … Continue reading

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8 instructions for Twitter Trainees

I’ve been traveling non-stop recently – from California to New York to Florida to Europe and back. Everywhere I go, I ask people about their Twitter usage. Not surprisingly, I see about 10% or less usage across the board (not … Continue reading

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Search Engine Marketing Revolution

It is undoubtedly true that marketing search strategies has to keep evolving and developing. If you look closely at advertising practices today, you will see newspapers and magazines filled with page-sized advertisements promoting all kinds of different products and services. Yet … Continue reading

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Note Of the Day: What Is a Leader ?

Leadership demands a quality and strength of character that is, by definition, uncommon and exemplary. Jim Rohn calls leadership life’s greatest challenge, and one that demands constant refinement. Leaders must learn to be strong without being rude. Leaders are kind … Continue reading

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Improve Your Listing in Google, Yahoo and Bing

There are various ways to optimize your website for search engines. This is called search engine optimization, or SEO. There is software available that you can use to create and host web pages on the internet. Optimizing these web pages … Continue reading

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Facebook Fan Pages – Do You Really Need One?

Are Facebook Fan Pages a Necessity? Facebook has taken the world of social networking by storm. Millions of people all around the world are associated with this website today. There are those who are hooked, excited and on board whereas … Continue reading

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PREMIUM GOOGLE ONLINE ADVERTISING The purpose of the trial is to show how effectively we can market businesses on Google, you will most likely see a large increase in calls and see your high position increasing your brand awareness. We … Continue reading

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GPS Public Relations – Digital Designer

Written By Staff Writer: Heather Wonders Of GPS Public Relations Have you ever noticed the nice looking logos and designs of some companies while walking along the street? That attraction might entice you to do business with said company, and … Continue reading

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