Hello, Goodbye by J. Antonette

New Single & Sound, “Hello, Goodbye by J. Antonette, NY Does Country

New Single & Sound, “Hello, Goodbye by J. Antonette
NY Does Country

She’s the rebel of country music and the bell of New York. Country singer songwriter and recording artist J.Antonette wants to sway the way you view country music artists.  With her movement called #NYDoesCounty making a splash. J’s been rallying support around fellow New York based musicians and country music lovers to break the stereotype of what a country artist is “suppose” to look, act and sound like. While writing her latest country pop infused EP titled, “Paper Trail”, (set to debut this December 2017) this former pop singer noticed a harsh stereotype and expectations of being a country singer in New York and now she is set to make a change. 

” #NYDoesCountry” goes beyond the state of New York. It’ s a movement I’ve started to change perceptions that good country artists/music have to come from the south or western areas. There is no “one type” of country music/artist, or way to express it. It should be open to all people with all different styles, looks and attitudes. While I was working on my upcoming EP, I found there was this misconception that in order for me to be a country singer, or listen to country, I’d have to move to or come from Nashville or Texas, wear daisy duke, flannel, or cowboy boots and have/sing with a southern drawl. That’s simply not true. Although I love all of that, let’s not forget that there is love for the genre all over the world with talent based in all different locations. I grew up in upstate New York. It seemed pretty country to me compared to New York City.  There is no one type of anything. We are all free to love and sing or be whatever we want. After all, “country” music, is for the whole country and don’t we all deserve to have our own “American Dream’s”?
“Hello, Goodbye” the first single from her upcoming Country infused Ep titled, “Paper Trail.” was released earlier this month. it is the 1 of 5 songs from her EP which will debut December 11th. 


J.Antonette has toured as a background singer for Grammy Award winner Melissa Etheridge, Jerry Wonda’s Platinum Sound Band and Gary Douglas in support of Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes.

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