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The world of data intelligence is an ever-growing complexity. The amount of available data that continues to accumulate on a daily basis can be overwhelming to process. In the business industry, data analytics has proven to be an effective way to undermine large amounts of raw data into information that can be used in decision-making and implementation. As promising as that might sound, those who do it or have done it know that the science of analyzing data is not an easy task. It requires time, tools, and technical skills to do successfully, and many businesses just do not have the resources to allocate towards data analytics.


This is where GPS Public Relations can help. We offer full-range data analytics services to businesses regardless of industry. We can help you with any statistical data analysis or qualitative data analysis you might need for a project, a goal, or as a general guide for your next big business decision.


Reasons to Outsource Data Analytics


We understand what it means to be business owners. As professional service providers, we’re simply here to help you lighten your load and assist you with technicalities that might either take too much time to do for a non-versed employee or those that might require special tools to do. Here are the most basic reasons why you need to outsource your data analytics to a company that specializes in the service:


1. Data analytics require a special skillset.


We understand that you hire the best for your company, but the job of data analytics should only be performed by professionals if it is to be done properly. It takes thoroughness and a special set of technical skills to examine and organize data in order to transform it into a model that is applicable to a variety of scenarios.


2. Data analytics require time.


Even if you had an employee in-house that can potentially understand the intricacies of data analytics, it normally requires a full-time team in order to get the job done right. There’s a celestial amount of data that is currently available to all businesses—with each one in its own variety and each one needing to be inspected, sifted, transformed, and applied. This, among other things, takes time to spare.


3. Data analytics require tools.


To handle such overwhelming numbers, there are professional data analytics tools designed for success. In today’s data-sodden world, traditional tools can no longer produce relevant results. After all, outdated tools can only create outdated products. If your business doesn’t have the tools to handle any scale of data analytics, the sensible solution is to outsource.


Data Analytics for Specific Industries


In some business fields, the advantages of outsourcing data analytics are even more pronounced. We at GPS Public Relations have worked with a large variety of businesses that have required specific and varied data analytics needs in a range of industries. We have helped these companies succeed by providing them with proper intuitive representations as modeled by our data analytics. As an example, companies that are in the finance, insurance, and retail industries among many others have found significant use in our data analytics services to examine and execute many variables.




• Detection of fraud


• Customer segmentation


• Trend and prediction of delinquency


• Data analytics for cross-selling strategies


• Data analytics for customer-related programs




• CRM analysis


• Data analytics to determine viability of claims


• Subrogation analysis


• Data analytics for severity of claims




• Analysis of stock movement


• Determination and prediction of buyer trends


• Data analytics on value of brand


• Data analytics on effectiveness of promotional campaigns


• Prediction of customer loyalty


The Difference with Our Data Analytics


1. We use the latest tools.


Our company guarantees that only the latest and best tools will be employed to get you the maximum benefits from data analytics. We dedicate our professional resources to help you find solutions for your business.


2. We help you make decisions.


Using data analytics, we find and track user patterns and present the results to you in order to assist your company find a clearer path in any decision undertaking. Our results will give you the confidence to make the right call when it comes to major decisions. Also using data analytics, we can help you predict if and when there’s an upcoming sizeable change to be expected within and surrounding the industry or the company itself.


3. We account for multiple data channels.


With the influx of data technology also comes a growing network of multi-varietal and interconnected data channels. The Internet alone contains many of these channels such as social media, blogs, and unstructured sites. Each one of these channels requires a different data analytics approach. Our company conducts data analytics as needed to examine information from specific sources. If the data calls for statistical analysis, then that’s exactly what we do. The same goes for data that may require qualitative analysis or trend analysis. Whichever analysis is required, we are here to perform.


Finding Solutions with GPS Public Relations


Our data analytics services are designed to be cost-effective and completely accessible. With GPS Public Relations, you can customize your data analytics according to your needs. If you need reliable and accurate data analytics in Florida, GPS Public Relations can help you. If you need data analytics from multiple channels, GPS Public Relations can give you the most integrated results possible. You can be confident and assured that all your data are 100% secured in our company’s hands. We offer you a truly invaluable resource with our data analytics services.


If you are ready to make the most out of user data, get in touch with us to get started. Save yourself and your business time and money by outsourcing your data analytics to us. We are dedicated to providing you with the most effective and useful results. We look forward to helping your business in its growth and success. All the data and information you could possibly use is right at your fingertips, so don’t delay. Call GPS Public Relations now to get you started with customized data analytics that can propel you forward and upward.

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